50+Horse Movies For Kids

Movies FAM TV-14, Pg-13 and Below. Free or nearly free if you have an account. Note Amazon requires a Prime Account. Some have commercials. Please us your own best judgment for your child.

Texas ReinFAMFree Vudu
Christmas for a DollarPGFree Vudu
Cowgirls & AngelsPGFree Vudu
A Cowgirl’s StoryPGFree Vudu
Horse Camp: A Love TailPGFree Vudu
A Horse For SummerPGFree Vudu
Moondance AlexanderGFree Vudu
A Gift HorseTV-PGFree Vudu
Christmas RanchFAMFree Vudu
Horse CrazyGFree Vudu
Snowy River: The McGregor Saga: Season 1-4TV-PGFree Vudu
The Horse WhispererPG-13Free Vudu
Painted HorsesTV-14Free Vudu
A Fine StepPGFree Vudu
Midnight StallionTV-PGFree Vudu
Race to WinFAMFree Vudu
A Horse Called BearFAMFree Vudu
The Dark HorsePGFree w/Prime
Healed By GraceFAMFree w/Prime
The New Adventures of Black BeautyFAM Free w/Prime
A Horse StoryFAMFree w/Prime
Heartland 1-12FAMFree w/Prime
Storm RiderPGFree w/Prime
WindstormPG-13Free w/Prime
Horse Crazy TooTV-PGFree Tubi
My Broken Horse ChristmasTV-GFree Tubi
Saddle Club: Horse of a Different ColorTV-YFree Tubi
Racing StripesPGFree Tubi
Windstorm 3TV-PGFree Tubi
Second ChancesGFree Tubi
Amazing RacerTV-PGFree Tubi
Black BeautyPGFree Tubi
All Roads Lead HomePGFree Tubi
Virgina’s RunPGFree Tubi
The Saddle ClubTV-YFree Tubi
Saddle Club: Storm at Pine HollowTV-YFree Tubi
Saddle Club: The First AdventureTV-YFree Tubi
Pit Pony TV SeriesTV-GFree Tubi
Spirit RidersTV-PGFree Tubi
Our Wild HeartsPGFree Tubi
The Wild StallionGFree Tubi
MistyTV-GFree Tubi
Rodeo GirlPGFree Tubi
Running ForeverTV-Y7Free Tubi
The Black StallionGFree Tubi
A Gift HorseTV-GFree Tubi
The Black Stallion ReturnsPGFree Tubi
Saddle Club: Friends ForeverTV-GFree Tubi
The Christmas StallionTV-PGFree Tubi
Albion: The Enchanted StallionTV-PGFree Tubi
Natalie’s RoseTV-PG Free Tubi

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