We have had Suzie since Oct. 2016. She is a Cleveland Bay Quarter Horse. Suzie is also a retired NY City police horse. We start everyone learning horsemanship and basic horse care on her because of her laid back nature. She is used for all children under 8.

Sis is a Halfinger cross. She came to us on 6/2018. She was saved from the Ark-La pen. We use her to teach a lot of children and adults how to handle a horse, groom and how to ride. She is used for English and Western styles. And kids learn to post at the trot with her.

Bubb came to us on 7/2018. He was saved from the TN pen. Bubb was listed as an American Saddlebred. He is gaited. He is for our intermediate to advanced riders. He is also an outstanding trail horse.

Mae, a Belgian was saved from the Ark-La pen in June of 2018. Mae stands 18.2 hands tall. Her tail has been docked indicting that she too once was a workhorse, likely an ex- Amish. She can be rode bareback with rains and a halter. She can accommodate the training youth or adult. She is very mellow and kind.