Slim was previously an Amish Buggy horse and he stands at 17 hands. He somehow had made his way in the horse selling pipeline to a Tennessee kill pen. Slim was in pretty bad shape when he came to us in July 2018.

He has now been in rehab for over a year. Through lots of care, he is now the beautiful creature that he deserves to be. He is very sweet boy. Slim is ready for his new purpose in life. All of this has been made possible through your tax deductible donations.


Legend is a kind mature horse, he was 25 years old when he was rescued in January 2020. He has no molars so he is unable to choose his hay. He is now on 6 lbs of soaked Equine Senior a day and he gets soaked shredded Alfalfa.


Belle had no training when she was rescued in October 2020, even though her post said that she rides and drives. She is a Registered Saddlebred Mare. She was saved from a pen in Mississippi. Belle was listed Sept 29, 2020. She was listed as broke to ride and drive. Well, you couldn't touch her ears, face, parts of her body, and you couldn't pick up her hooves. On October 15th someone messaged me and asked to help her, help Belle. She was still out in the pasture with other horses trying to defend her emaciated self so she could go eat off a poor quality round bale. We also saved another with her so we had transport go down and get them 2 days after I got the sad pictures. She is VERY happy with us and can now be groomed, farrier, haltering, touching ears, and we can now also put on an open front or closed front blanket with leg straps and belly band with no problem.