Our Sanctuary is open for our treasured equine guest that wouldn’t make the best riding horse, or perhaps would be better suited to become a friend to a horse or pony that is able to be ridden. And to those who may need a more lengthy recovery from an injury. But also as a respite to those who will spend their remaining days with us in calm, safe and cherished environment.

If you have a specific horse you would like to sponsor please include their name in the note section.


Slim is sweet and well mannered. He is the herd protector of the group. He has been severely mal-nourished and he has more weight to gain to be in his top form.


Belle was physically abused and neglected. We have been working very had to help her trust humans again. She is on special feed to bring her back to weight. And she is very quirky and funny. She has a very spunky personality. It’s great to see her having fun. When she has been rehabilitated we hope to find her a new furever home through adoption.


Buddy is a large Pony that we purchased at a local auction in 9/2019. Buddy’s while having a very sweet disposition also has an issue that he was either born with or an injury that never healed properly. His legs where they meet the shoulders are abnormal causing his feet to turn out. He is not in pain and can still be ridden, we just give care to who and how.


We acquired Clyde in March 2021. He was part of a pair of Belgians that we helped to save. Clyde is blind but very smart. He listens intently and also uses his smell for when food is near. He has really started to feel better with a belly full of hay and people to care for him.


Jaxon was originally thought to be a baby Belgian. However, upon a recent medical evaluation for trouble with a leg we found out that he is 4 years of age. He has been severely stunted. And his leg is inoperable. We will continue to give him the love and best life possible.


Legend is a very nice mature horse. He is a spirited escape artist. He believes the grass is always greener on the other side. He was malnourished when he came to us. Now he is on Senior feed and chopped alfalfa due to lack of teeth. He is thriving and doing very well.


Starsky has been with us since March of 2018 also. We got him the same time as Hutch. They are inseparable and American Saddlebreds.


Snowball is just here for the fun of it. Saved from the Ark-La pen. You can’t catch him unless you have food. He is a Hinny that is a gelding. Which is the opposite of a mule. No one wanted him so we bought him and brought him home in 6/2018. He is very goofy!!

Lightning & Black Jack

Lightning and Black Jack are donkeys that we purchased at our local auction. I had no idea donkeys sell for only $40. They just stand around and eat in our front yard… Literally. We got them in 7/2020. Lightning is a gelding.


Lilly is an American Saddlebred that we believe was injured a long time ago. She came to Missouri all the way from PA. She was saved by another rescue and needed a safe & soft place to live the rest of her life. Her right front ankle is frozen. She is a senior mare. She is another horse in our sanctuary program as she is not able to be to be ridden.